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suggestive140962 artist:bansan8 granny smith5304 human153000 friends forever358 spoiler:comic10548 bedroom eyes58640 belly button76583 blushing194908 bonnet411 breasts273826 busty young granny smith78 female1348444 grin37698 humanized99303 looking at you165699 nipples164763 nudity365581 on side6644 scene interpretation8473 smiling243744 solo1053324 solo female178052 strategically covered2895 sultry pose1831 underboob3859 young granny smith674 younger17216


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"Yer granny was a nice lookin' lady, back in the day!"
"Man, all the guys must've been lookin' to pick yer apples, Granny!"
"Darn tootin'! Some of 'em even wanted t'sleep with me!"
Background Pony #F10E
Wellll, to be a granny, you need to have a kid (who has a kid), and in order for that to happen…

Slowly but surely…

I've always wanted to have plenty of r34 of young granny smith, sadly, only a few artist would do it.
Background Pony #5D0C
"Why Apple Bloom, that was me when I was about Big Macintosh's age. Quite the young'n I waz…now how dat get in there… mumble..mumble…how your father was made…mumble"