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Update of >>720452; Fix to Twilight's hair color in panel 1.
safe (1522398) artist:egophiliac (2131) applejack (154928) fluttershy (192500) pinkie pie (198436) rainbow dash (213770) rarity (164961) snails (5079) snips (3937) spike (72433) twilight sparkle (274256) human (139466) robot (6645) steamquestria (135) artificial intelligence (162) bustle (4) chimney sweep (14) clothes (387456) comic (97250) facepalm (392) gray background (5635) humanized (91960) implied trixie (250) inconvenient trixie (265) malfunction (22) mane six (28321) offscreen character (27549) simple background (324249) steampunk (1217) underwear (52897) victorian (143)


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32 comments posted
Artist -

Acolyte of Madness
I wouldn't mind living in this universe. of course I would be dating Pinkie Bot, I'd also dabble in the inventor arts, and have some cyborg augments, so that I can have pseudo-immortality.
Background Pony #177D
Oh man, I love Snips's and Snails's designs here.

And I bet praise for Snips and Snails was about the last thing Egophiliac was expecting from this particular update.
Background Pony #EE34
I love the Snips and Snails chimney sweeps, as well as how Trixie is currently going on a rampage. Crystal Empire State Building? This sounds promising, especially if it works like the original would have, if not been for the Hindenburg disaster.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

...loves tiaras!
so, uh, I'm not sure how to update images here, but someone pointed out I screwed up Twilight's hair in the first panel, so there's a fixed version up on the tumblr now. Sorry to foist it off on someone else! I consider it a success when I can change tags properly, I think I'd accidentally the whole image if I tried anything bigger than that. :(


the Empire State Building's spire was also designed to be a dirigible mooring mast, with the top floor serving as a flight terminal! :D it was too perfect to pass up.