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@Background Pony #FE8A  
They both have a love of kung fu and fighting, or something like that. Also, the artists likes to squeeze in other reference into her usual Pony-Touhou crossover (like the Don Dracula picture and Toy Story toys)

Well, no specific names come to mind, really. Just some negative sentiments that occasionally crop up on dA or Fimfiction that I’ve witnessed. I do remember one guy on dA who seemed to harbor great resentment towards Spike for whatever reasons, but he’s probably nuts.
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Ah, yes, that’s her twisted clock hand wand thingy, Laevateinn. Clock hand as in “Let’s see, the little is on two, the big on three… its a quarter past two!”
I was confused by why you thought she had a tail, then thought you saw the 4th panel and was fooled into thinking the black twig with the crystals was a tail due to the perspective.
Background Pony #6AE1
It’s a good thing you can comically survive these things, Spike. Just… Know what your crystals are attached to before trying to eat them next time.  
(Just realized that explosion cloud is in the shape of Flandre’s twisted clock hand.)