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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
I don’t care if I’m necro-ing here, I’m drunk and your little story kind of, sort of, actually scared me, dude xD . Kudos for going the dark route.
Anonicorn shall be missed. Probably.
Background Pony #8A5D
@Background Pony #DFBB
I kinda agree. But mainly I just think they should have taken the last few ones of this and made it look like it was the same van each time instead of trying to smudge out what it was before.
Example of what I’m talking about:  
Like how the 3 was painted over the two. I think it would be improved if we made it look like a lazy re-paint than an actual different van …
Background Pony #59CA
@Background Pony #DFBB  
It’s just an old meme. That van was just a normal van someone vandalized by painting “Free Candy” on it and the pictures went viral then have been endlessly photoshopped.
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will return
>You climb in and are hit over the head.  
>You wake up to find M.A. Larson coming toward you with an evil grin and a set of wings.  
>Season 5 airs and Anonicorn is introduced.  
>People are upset for a while, but like Twilicorn, it slowly subsides.  
>People begin to like Anonicorn, even though he doesn’t speak.  
>Anonicorn can only make muffled mumbles sometimes and can’t open his mouth.  
>The official reason is he is meant to be a representation of the fanbase as a whole.  
>No reason is given why his mumbles sound like stifled crying and pleas for help.  
>One viewer points out how often Anonicorn stares pleadingly at the screen.  
>The viewer is lambasted and made fun of for believing in conspiracies.  
>The Season 5 season finale features the first death of a mane character.  
>Anonicorn sacrifices himself to save Twilight from Grogar.  
>Anonicorn’s death makes his haters happy; he’s dead for good.  
>His fans weep over his particularly sad end. It’s a powerful finale.  
>His last moment before being obliterated is to stare wide-eyed at the screen.  
>One last muffled mumble. It almost sounds like “Help me.”  
>Meanwhile in real life, the mystery of the one missing brony is never solved.  
>One user stops posting on Derpibooru forever. Nobody knows why.  
>One less anon on 4Chan. Nobody even notices.  
>One less Tumblr user. A few posts asking where he is, but no answers are given.  
>Some people just move on from the fandom, after all. It’s no big deal.  
>Wonder what Season 6 will feature?
Background Pony #8A5D
can we not even get a new van picture? Every dry season of the show this same picture comes up. I’m not against it but you’d think someone would find a new van …