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dead source21638 safe1658575 artist:sunibee497 applejack165918 fluttershy207515 pinkie pie211473 princess celestia93102 princess luna97308 rainbow dash228434 rarity177540 spike77251 twilight sparkle294154 alicorn215202 dragon53513 earth pony231467 pegasus273273 pony922748 unicorn303936 action poster66 big crown thingy2303 cowboy hat14854 crown15925 cute192542 derail in the comments285 epic1356 eyeshadow14735 featured image846 female1321544 frown22255 glare8163 hat83197 makeup20234 mane seven6327 mane six31137 mare458296 nervous5473 open mouth137305 poster5136 smiling235176 stare1340 stetson4928


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@Background Pony #0579

You sound really full of shit.
Bad blood? What did he do to you? Him moving around is proof of him starting drama? HOW? WHERE? He's doing it for more views? How the fuck does changing your name and going somewhere else without a word = more views? Is he the one reposting it on this site? Does he have control over who shares his work? And so what if he wants to repost something? Is it bad that he wants people to see his art?

It's annoying that he deletes his stuff from a website and puts it back later for whatever reason but you're just bickering to make him seem like he's a cunt who likes to start shit when really the one trying to start shit is you.
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Hmm, thought I had this one favorited for some reason, considering it's from a few years back. It definitely is now. I mean, cripes, just look at that Twilight!
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@Background Pony #3DBA
"I know who you are"
"offended for someone else"

Clearly you don't.

I don't care if you like the guy or not. I like a lot of artists who have awful reputations (Kayla-Na) just because nothing they've done has ever affected me personally. I have bad blood with this artist and I'm allowed to voice my thoughts same as anyone else.

Have a nice day.
Background Pony #3117
I think a history of gallery wiping and constant account and name-switching is enough proof of drama. Applesarcum/Sunnysoda/Sunibee(and at least one other older moniker) has repeatedly claimed that the reason he deletes his old art is that he's embarrassed by it, and yet within a week or two of one gallery wipe he's uploaded all the same old pics again. Because then people will stumble across it all and think it's new. As the comments on this image clearly show.

The asshole behavior is more personal, and not really anyone's concern but mine and the others involved.
Background Pony #3117
I'm just sick to death of this artist, his drama, and his asshole behavior toward other artists who are actually good people.
Background Pony #96C3
Also, since I suspect the Spike Justice Warriors won't see fit to comment: It's nice to see a group shot like this that does remember to include Spike.
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@Background Pony #2951
Well, it was originally uploaded almost a year ago, and got most of its upvotes and favorites back then. I uploaded this one last night, without realizing it was already here, but apparently this version is a higher-quality one since the older one was merged into it.