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Background Pony #9AE8
Twilight if i were Celestia i would revoked your alicorn status again this thing kills four laugh
Background Pony #DE71
Pfft. Like I said. Twilight, do not be friends with him. After all, he kills because he can.
Background Pony #DE71
That would not work. Because this guy, or rather monster, committed genocide on his own kind, and on humanity. He kills on many different horrific ways. He is going to do the same with the ponies, so one thing. RUN.
Background Pony #DE71
BAD IDEA, Fluttershy. This guy is WAY beyond forgiving. He was the leader of a tribe that kills humanity. And he killed 152 of his own because he hates the weak. He committed GENOCIDE on his own clan, humanity, and he is going to do the same to every pony. There is one thing to do. Kill Daguva before he begins his reign of genocide.

Discord was a prankster who went way, WAY to far. That is forgivable. This guy founded a civilization which bases it’s caste system on how good at committing serial genocide you are.