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safe1616107 artist:varemia177 edit123101 edited screencap59248 screencap210863 twilight sparkle288363 alicorn206168 pony883942 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2575 angry25019 big crown thingy2242 chubby13033 crown15152 fat20669 fat edit190 female1286482 jewelry55315 mare439644 princess twilard403 regalia17703 solo1004026 twilard sparkle1245 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404


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Struggles to run to the scene

Twilight: "UGH! GUH! PANT Your pant not gonna get away with this, bad guy number twelve! My friends and I will"

Rainbow: "Twi, your late! TOO late! We stopped the guy like…ten minutes ago. He was some pegasus idiot who tried covering Ponyville in jelly. Nothing major."

Pinkie: "I still don't get what would've been so bad about that. Everypony loves jelly!"

Twilight: "I agree, Pinkie! What were you girls thinking? I-I mean WE could've been gorg-I mean swimming in juicy, sticky…drools delicious…Mmmmmm, jellyyy…Y'know what?"

Rainbow: "Sigh. Here we go…"

Twilight: "As a princess, I

Applejack: "NO, TWILIGHT."

Twilight: "What do you mean no? I didn't even state my decree yet."

Rainbow: "We are not covering Ponyville in jelly, Twilight."

Twilight: "Whaaa? How did you-I mean how could you ever think that I would approve of such a thing?"

Fluttershy: "Um…Not to be rude, but…you just did a minute ago."

Twilight: "UGH! Buck you guys! You're lucky I'm the Princess of Friendship and not Doing-whatever-the-hay-I-want! Speaking of hay, I could really use a hayburger right about now…or four."

Teleports away angrily

Rainbow: "Sigh. Remember when Twi was just a cool egghead and not a greedy fatass?"

Applejack: "Ah gotta say, Ah do miss the old Twi. Her excessive need for food keeps gettin' to her head. And, she ain't so fit anymore. Not that she was that fit. But, now she gets the wind knocked out of her just walkin' to the Hayburger…Which she just teleports to every day, now. She could end up getting too fat to even help us when we seriously need her."

Pinkie Pie: "Sometimes she even yells at me when I tell her that she took the last batch of donuts and has to wait for us to restock. Mr. and Mrs. Cake always get all sweaty and scared whenever she comes now. We've gotten complaints from customers that we don't have what they want because she eats it all."

Rarity: "I have been resizing clothes for her every other week. It's getting quite frustrating. If she keeps up with this lifestyle…eugh…I don't even want to think about the amount of fabric I'll need for just her alone…or how far I'll need to stretch the measuring tape. shivers"

Fluttershy: "She's starting to scare me too. Once, she came to my cottage to ask me something. But, as soon as she noticed the sundae that I made for Angel, she shoved me aside and took it with her magic as Angel was busy eating it. She almost ate both the sundae AND Angel, right in front of me. I had to smack her in the back of the head before she swallowed him. She apologized multiple times. But, now I get a little uncomfortable around her."

Rainbow: "That's it!! We've seriously gotta whip her back into shape!!"

Applejack: "But, how? She's a powerful alicorn, now. She could get away with anythin' she wants."

Rarity: "She's still our best friend, Applejack. And, as the Princess of Friendship, she has to adhere to what got her that title. She may be a little unruly, at the moment, but she really needs our help. And we can convince her that we just care for her well-being. I propose an intervention!"

Applejack: "Ah still think we'll need some extra support, though. Twi, is kinda goin' nutso again. And, ya'll know how that was."

Celestia: "You rang?"


Celestia: "There is no need to reiterate. Spike has been writing me his concerns without Twilight knowing. And, I've heard all of your conversation. I am deeply concerned for my student as well. I'll be sure to use a silence spell on Twilight's horn and, make sure she accepts your plans to help her diet. This will be a new test in friendship that I'm sure you will all pass. But, I agree that Twilight may have become too much for you all to handle on your own."

Rainbow: "Heheheh…This is gonna be fun."