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safe1974157 artist:sweetsound157 cheerilee10741 4koma694 abaj22 chinese3693 cirno113 comic124048 crossover68896 e.t.36 eating11736 ex-keine3 full moon4208 herbivore2108 higurashi no naku koro ni118 kamishirasawa keine17 pixiv14436 satoko houjou11 scroll3829 touhou1200 translation request1567 watermelon871


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blood and thunder

Translation here:
comic I
Cheerlie:today is the day to see Miss keine teaching~♪
Cheerlie:why does that kid answer every questions with 9?
(keine headbutts Cirno)
comic II
(evening,after class)
keine:that kid is an ice fairy,so it’s going to be okay.She needs some punishment to remind her.(fairy is the embodyment of nature in Touhou,so they literally can’t die——translator)
Cheerlie:hooo,so it’s like this…(murmurs)I doubt that kid was always being headbutted so she becomes a baka…
Cheerlie:but in fact Miss keine is.a.good teac——
(keine transforms under full moon)
Cheerlie:AAAAAAAAAA!Gensoukyou is terrible!
(In the some settings,when keine transforms under full moon,every aspect of her body and mind would be greatly improved,so she always finishes all the work of a month that night,so it’s like above——translator)
Background Pony #E879
So, this is what it looks like when Cirno loses a turn…  
Run for your life, Cheerilee. (I like this crossover!)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

In fanon, Keine delivers headbutts to students as punishment. Cirno is an ice fairy and comically breaks like ice from the attack.
In the left 4koma, Keine is transforming into a were-hakutaku due to the full moon and Cheerilee is gonna get CAVED!!!!
That’s all I can figure out without knowing the translation.