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dead source33291 safe1945482 artist:oze215 applejack186326 rainbow dash257140 pegasus394817 pony1295239 semi-anthro18734 apron5088 arm hooves7167 bipedal43085 blushing234656 choker16955 clothes549420 costume34711 cute231835 dashabetes10804 dress52843 dressup769 embarrassed13380 female1578849 freckles35690 jackabetes7063 kneeling10861 maid6901 maidjack45 mare603709 mary janes1194 rainbow dash always dresses in style1845 rainbow maid170 shoes48228 smiling323379 socks80134 zettai ryouiki2087


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Background Pony #8560
I never quite got the maid fetish myself, but the picture is very well constructed and done.
Background Pony #5A1F
Element of honesty right there, AJ, cheerfully smiling away while you tell your friends they look awful