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Artist -

Toola Roola's No. 1 fan.
@Background Pony #7D9F
Yes, it's Greg the Classic Demoman who get the baboon uterus put inside him. The closest G3 pony related to Applejack is the red Applejack with a green and yellow mane and tail. As long as someone draws classic ponies (or humans if they're doing the Equestria Girls style) as the classic mercenaries. Weather they include the Classic Medic or not is up to them.
Background Pony #5D12
I have a good idea for that:
What if, instead of a G1 Pony, it's a G3 Pony who ends up with Baboon Uteri in them?
(I think it's Classic Demoman, but I'm not sure.)
Background Pony #047B
@Background Pony #A3CC
In another pic you called everyone who agreed with the artist 'asshole followers', so wouldn't it stand to reason the only people you're saying this to are other asshole followers or potential asshole followers?

I don't think you're changing anyone's minds. Just making yourself look silly.
Artist -

Toola Roola's No. 1 fan.
This is Background Pony #DBF5 and #B223.
Actually, Metal-Kitty used Flim and Flam as Redmond and Blutarch Mann. I was thinking of using classic ponies from G1 as the Classic Mercenaries. Silver Shill (I think) is going to be Gray Mann.

Firefly as Classic Scout.
Fizzy as Classic Soldier.
G1 Spike as Classic Pyro.
G1 Applejack as Classic Demoman.
Tex as Classic Heavy Weapons Guy.
Either Surprise or Igneous Rock (Pinkie's dad) as Classic Engineer.
G1 Twilight as Classic Medic (if he appears).
Posey as Classic Sniper.
G1 Sparkler as Classic Spy.

But that's just my (and Metal-Kitty's) match-ups.
Cromanti Cheer
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Background Pony #DBF5
I imagine the minor villains/jerks (Suri Polomare, Gilda, Flim & Flam, Lightning Dust) would play the TFC mercs, since the more powerful and major villains should probably have more prominent roles (Queen Chrysalis as Gray Mann?)

So, Ahuizotl as TFC Heavy, maybe?
Background Pony #2DFD
Twilight: Wait! Are we leaving? What about the baboon uteruses?

Pony playing Classic Heavy Weapons Guy: What the hell are you talking about? What baboon uteruses?

Twilight: The ones I'm sewing into you. I haven't gotten to everypony yet. Can I just say what a pleasure it's been to work on such blank canvasses! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that your last Medic barely experimented on you at all.

Pony playing Classic Heavy Weapons Guy: I swear to Celestia, if you put a single uterus in my mercs…

Twilight: Oh, come now. It's perfectly safe. I put three in (insert name of pony playing Classic Demoman). You don't hear (him/her) complaining.

Pony playing Classic Demoman: You said you were filling a cavity!

Twilight: I was! The one I made in your abdomen.
Background Pony #99D9
This is the only picture on the site with the "baboon uterus" tag.

I hope Metal-Kitty is proud.