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safe1751163 artist:latecustomer324 artist:silverrainclouds34 twilight sparkle306235 alicorn232969 pony1011185 adorkable3584 adventure in the comments1278 bubble5748 cute205768 dork3863 eyes closed98167 female1402443 mare502469 music notes3415 open mouth154530 raised hoof48459 shower3547 simple background409358 singing6550 singing in the shower43 sitting65622 smiling261181 soap727 solo1094790 transparent background208925 twiabetes12274 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126216 vector77862 wet8414 wet mane5300


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Background Pony #FB7E
Just as adorkable as the sketch version. The bubbles forming music notes is a nice touch.