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dead source22798 safe1689212 artist:megarexetera279 dj pon-329070 octavia melody23621 vinyl scratch29070 demon2861 human152836 monster girl342 vampire3832 bat wings9059 devil474 devil tail164 elf ears1904 evil grin4344 grave604 gravestone832 graveyard361 humanized99230 monster2238 open mouth142266 shocked6834 sunglasses14192 surprised9125 tail26811 tailed humanization3000 winged humanization8623


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Trilby Pony

Little Vinyl Scratch. How I loved listening to your sweet prayers every night. And then you'd jump in your bed, so afraid I was under there. And I was!
Background Pony #BE74
Octavia: YOU! let's have sex now!

Vinyl: um… ok? (gets tackled by Octavia) whoa!
Background Pony #C27D
In continuation to Fuedra's exellent comment…

"T-Tavi, what the hell are you talking about?! And why do you have… wings?! This-"

"Doesn't make any sense? Well I didn't expect it to. But I like you, Vinyl, so I'll humor you."


"What if I told you… that I'm not human?"

Feel free to continue this story, everypony!

"You know me Vinyl, you have dreampt of me for years, since you were a little girl…am I right?"

"H…how the hell do you know that!?"

"I know many things about you Vinyl, in fact, you could say I know everything about you…after all, you were promised to me when you were just a babe, and I make it a habit to know everything about the things that belong to me…especially if its you."
Background Pony #92A7
Megarexetera should get into making manga or doujins or something like that.