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safe1708800 artist:gsphere572 big macintosh28291 trenderhoof862 pony969889 confused4760 cute200162 floppy ears52416 funny4143 gay27633 glasses62035 gritted teeth12283 hoof hold8320 male373511 open mouth146323 ponies riding ponies2458 raised eyebrow6575 riding7494 shipping200519 silly7457 silly pony3000 smiling249154 trenderhoof riding big macintosh1 trendermac42 unshorn fetlocks25566 vroom vroom7


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Its actually a very interesting pair if Big Mac wasnt that teased with Cheerilee in the show. Urban pony writer interested in fashion and style with simple tough yet shy country pony.
Artist -
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

…And this asshole singlehandedly made this my favorite ship ever.

Goddamnit. I hated tenderhoof.

Why he gotta be so cute when gsphere does him. >:I
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Th: "That means go."
BM: "Ah know what it means."
Th: "Then why aren't you going?"
BM: "Because ah'm confused as to why ya'll are makin' those strange noises."
Th: "I'm making those noises because I'm riding my big, strong stallioncycle, and that's how I tell him to go."
BM: "Stallioncycle?"
Th: "Yes! Stallioncycles are the hot new thing! Not only do they look absolutely stunning, but they just keep going and going, no matter the distance or terrain. They're also powered by a revolutionary fuel source."
BM: "Uh-huh. And what would that fuel source be, exactly?"
Th: "Kisses! In fact, just a single kiss on the lips can keep them going for hours. They're very economical."
BM: "Is that right? Well, ah have to say, this stallioncycle right here ain't exactly the fuel-efficient model you were hopin' for."
Th: "Well then it's a good thing I've got an infinite fuel supply, isn't it?"

*several minutes of sloppy spiderman-style makeouts ensue, followed by several minutes of Trenderhoof piloting Big Mac around the orchard, making car noises all the while*