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Alt version of >536716. This was made by the original artist with a less detailed moonbutt, compare both images and you will notice the difference and now we need one without the cutie mark and no, the one in deviantArt has bad quality plus it is badly edited

Another thing, this was the original description:

What? You thought Celestia forgave her just like that? * Snaps fingers *
Nope, this was her punishment.
suggestive (112915)artist:lifesequencebreak (10)edit (98915)nightmare moon (14985)human (130601)angry (19961)ass (35855)bent over (2153)blushing (153580)book (27025)bookshelf (2442)breasts (203147)clothes (355057)dress (34964)duster (656)embarrassed (8792)female (758466)frilly dress (216)frilly underwear (3754)glare (7563)gritted teeth (9127)humanized (87967)library (2478)light skin (4486)lipstick (8074)looking at you (120208)looking back (41728)maid (4718)maidmare moon (13)moonbutt (2655)nail polish (5958)nightmare luna (302)nightmare moonbutt (349)panties (41497)praise the moon (419)sexy (18419)sinfully sexy (476)skirt (31489)solo (874797)solo female (154753)stockings (25328)stupid sexy nightmare moon (825)underwear (49581)upskirt (4852)wedgie (1344)white underwear (2845)

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Well, if you don’t want me staring there, why do you have that tattoo there? …Every single last one of your kind has one there? How gullible do I look?
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