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safe1658562 artist:peichenphilip79 princess cadance31978 princess celestia93101 princess luna97308 twilight sparkle294153 alicorn215199 pony922739 alicorn tetrarchy1025 featured image846 female1321533 flying36771 high res24762 looking at you160110 mare458291 open mouth137305 smiling235175 spread wings52025 traditional art114814 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121066 watercolor painting2698


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Ok, but even watercolor artists use to sketch with a pencil. It means that he either painted this directly (and that would be impressive but not very smart, considering the mistake), or couldn't recognized the error even when spreading the colors.
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Heh, that took surprisingly long for people to notice (I was aware of it before it got featured already, then considered it feature-worthy regardless of that). To me it kinda looks like she's just 'spreading' her legs instead of keeping them parallel, it's just drawn from a bit of an awkward angle.

Also watercolor traditional art, aka 'hard mode: no eraser'.