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There's a Mane-iac on the loose, everypony! Help the Power Ponies stop her:
safe1708328 applejack170066 fili-second839 fluttershy212853 humdrum461 mane-iac1632 masked matter-horn831 mistress marevelous736 pinkie pie216382 radiance815 rainbow dash234134 rarity182014 saddle rager839 spike78843 twilight sparkle300568 zapp815 alicorn224812 pony969438 power ponies (episode)1852 female1364863 mane six31938 mare481595 power ponies2739 power ponies go5 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123772


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well it doesn't require you to pay money to PLAY IT, so that's always a plus :/

past that, its pretty simple so I can't say its "better". The art's crisp and it looks nice though.

You basically just walk up/down/left/right and collect comic book pages while avoiding the minion ponies. Your Spacebar shoots a laser (or relevant laser type weapon, such as a stream of gems or a lasso whip) forward, which can be used infinitely and stuns minions for 5-8 seconds or so. you can also shoot a super power forward instead if you have your meter still charged, but Honestly its pointless to do so since A single space bar attack stuns them anyways and has almost the same range.