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dead source22115 safe1680986 artist:panyang-panyang101 aloe2601 angel bunny9753 apple bloom48816 applejack167860 babs seed5718 berry punch6511 berryshine6511 big macintosh27956 bon bon16192 bulk biceps3409 cheerilee9879 cheese sandwich3910 cloudchaser3820 daisy2484 derpy hooves49734 diamond tiara10128 discord30517 dj pon-329017 fleetfoot2157 flitter2975 flower wishes2353 fluttershy210049 granny smith5286 gummy5034 lily1943 lily valley1943 lotus blossom2743 lyra heartstrings29216 mayor mare3240 octavia melody23543 opalescence2074 owlowiscious1976 pinkie pie213800 princess cadance32350 princess celestia93948 princess luna98097 queen chrysalis34359 rainbow dash231203 rarity179558 roseluck5024 scootaloo50819 shining armor22888 silver spoon6463 snails5276 snips4180 soarin'13838 spike78013 spitfire13269 sweetie belle48529 sweetie drops16192 tank2712 trixie66528 twilight sparkle297283 twist2848 vinyl scratch29017 winona2507 zecora9242 oc668564 oc:fausticorn1529 oc:fluffle puff2862 oc:snowdrop1219 alicorn219584 changeling46199 changeling queen15709 chocolate pony62 dog9320 draconequus11126 earth pony239298 pegasus282067 pony943037 unicorn312724 zebra17356 alicorn oc25798 apple tree3060 bush2611 cake9642 cakelestia1062 canterlot5576 carousel boutique2086 cloud30007 cloudsdale1277 colt14604 crossover61229 cutie mark crusaders18837 detailed762 ethereal mane7633 everfree forest1950 everypony375 female1340156 filly65026 flower25052 fluttershy's cottage1358 flying37405 foal15306 fun fun fun140 golden oaks library4966 implied sex5868 lauren faust1735 lying on a cloud374 male364164 mane seven6428 mane six31550 mare468432 meme81260 on a cloud1494 pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows128 pinkie clone735 pixel art10283 ponyville5684 ponyville spa188 ponyville town hall284 portal1855 portal 2331 rainbow4428 rainbow waterfall287 scenery7878 smoke trail13 spa twins1333 sprite2182 stallion105383 starry mane3963 sugarcube corner2241 sweet apple acres2878 tail sticking out307 tardis1449 the cake is a lie75 town403 town hall304 tree31493 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122411 voyeurism2152 wall of tags2926 wallpaper18453 wheatley146 wonderbolts3580 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2342 young granny smith672


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Derpy Lover

You guys know that "Football" and "Soccer" is the same, right? Just like "Armor" and "Armour", or "Color" and "Colour". "Soccer" and "Football" are the same thing, but said in different countries.

but im not apologizing to British cigarettes. They kept going on about the ashes so we beat them and now they wont stop moaning now.

Word from the wise: Never play cricket with an aussie. If you win, it's only because we let you.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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nobody's favorite
You owe an apology to homosexuals everywhere (and cigarettes in Brittain) for comparing them to this person.

…But yeah, I would have, except at the time I didn't know that it was just a stick he had up his ass rather than a general consensus that this person was just being a dick about enforcing.

I kept commenting on what I damn well pleased, though. I think I ran into this guy again a couple times again, but it seems like he gave up eventually.

It would only really apply to threaded discussions in said comments. For instance, if two people were having an argument 2 years ago, and today some dick came on and replied to add their two cents, that would be a necro. The key is the reply.