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First and for most, I would like to celebrate, by saying that I have reached over 3,000 watchers, over on Deviantart! Not only that, but the new warhammer 40k, 7th edition Ork codex came out recently. So, to celebrate both a new codex to the army I play, and gaining such a huge amount of watchers, I decided to celebrate by drawing a cross over pic of my fav MLP Character, Pinkie Pie, and cross her over with an Ork Warboss From the Warhammer 40k Universe.

All in all, I think I made an awesome pic!

This is 125 layers of awesome, clocking in at 16 Hours, and 37 Minutes of work. This has to be my most detailed pic to date, And boy am I proud on how this turned out.

I think I did pretty damn well on this cross over, and I hope it is loved by many! As I very much like this pic a lot. Kinda scary too >→ The idea of pinkie having a power klaw, and twin-linked shoota with a chain sword attachment is pretty terrifying, and judging by the city behind her, i'm sure they can agree.

At any rate, hope you love the pic, and hope you enjoy my Time lapse video linked below c:



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Time lapse linked in the source!


Made header image for EQD's Drawfriend #1226 (Source #1):
safe1680178 artist:template93477 pinkie pie213738 ork81 pony942411 semi-anthro13040 apocalypse284 armor23357 badass3229 bipedal33525 chainsaw767 city4137 claws4944 crossover61188 destruction1452 female1339469 fence2800 fire11197 gun15707 iron gob12 lightning3070 power klaw10 solo1046119 speedpaint508 standing11771 time lapse36 warhammer (game)2072 warhammer 40k1999 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2340


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Kharn The Generally Swell Guy

The solution is simple, really.

Step 1. Find dead space marine. If there are no dead space marines or overpriced dead space marine stores that insist on gouging all da teef outta your wallet for a ten dead space marines, you may have to resort to killing your own space marine. Try not to get mutilated.

Step 2: Break off any loose parts of said dead space marine that you can.

Step 3: Grab your zoggin' krazyglue and empty as many containers as you can over your body.

Step 4: Place desired dead space marine parts onto glue. Allow for a few minutes to dry. Or don't. Whatever. Are you an ork or a dang panzee?

Step 5: Enjoy your new and improved armor save!
Background Pony #E240
I'd still like to see someone try doing a picture or two based on one or two of the better fan fics out there.
'Ork in Equestria' and 'Courage, Honour and Friendship' being two of the best (sadly both have been abandoned despite being superbly written).
May one day try breaking out the old pencils and pad and try doing my own fanfic up as a comic yet. I'm still writing this, and it's not on any websites.
I'm a bit rusty when it comes to drawing now. Only 4 of my sketches are on here, under the tag 'artist:40kponyguy'.
This picture you've done here puts my stuff to shame.
Background Pony #E240
Excellent work.
Good to see fresh crossover art here.
What next?
Pony themed Ork army?
(It's looking a bit marine-heavy so far).

Background Pony #995A

This does the legacy of Warhammer justice.

Now all I need is Commisar Aryanne.