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The original sketch from Faust herself.
safe1974650 artist:lauren faust365 oc838293 oc only615587 oc:fausticorn1629 alicorn275061 pony1327061 bottle5175 feather7413 female1606264 glass5898 hourglass431 lauren faust1808 mare619873 monochrome163852 mouth hold21262 quill3089 scroll3829 sketch73008 spread wings75687 wine3111 wings175788


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Background Pony #E9D7
@Beau Skunky  
She appeared to have embraced it somewhat in the Brony doc, even though she said she envisioned Luna and Celestia as the only winged unicorns.
Beau Skunky
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beau-tiful skunk
@Background Pony #39F6  
I think so, I don’t remember seeing a colorized version in Lauren’s DA page. (But I could be wrong.) But yeah she drew the lineart sketch.
I don’t think she was expecting “Fausticorn” to become popular in the fandom, I think she just did it as a joke, sense alot of fans drew “ponified” versions of themselves.  
(I like how a few fanons portray “Fausticorn” as Luna & Celestia’s nameless mother though.)