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safe1656692 artist:poptart3651 princess celestia93026 princess luna97238 alicorn214822 pony921016 american independence day305 animated96096 ar15274 cigar721 featured image845 female1319904 flag3705 freedom77 glowing horn18696 grin36229 gun15509 hat83079 hoof hold7957 independence day200 levitation11608 m16156 magic70784 murica128 patriotism in the comments1 photoscape5 pie3196 sitting60179 smiling234627 smoking4003 song in the comments236 sparkler (firework)105 star spangled banner in the comments1 sunglasses13858 telekinesis26642 united states785


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…you know, Luna and Celestia are probably the best close air support Equestria's troops could have, short of whistling up a dragon in the economy jumbo size. But they're kind of big and indiscriminate and a bit messy, sort of like living nuclear weapons.
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Vortex Clipper
Good thing of Equestria is that pony can't use gun with hooves, which significantly limits the rate of mass shooting. 😝
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Actual Horse
Dsiak to White Eagle, Nasty Communist spotted. third comment below my location too four miles at six o'clock from Head Quarters.
Repeat: Delta to Whiskey Echo code November Charlie at tree below delta too four miles at six o'clock from Hotel Quebec.

Requesting air support, fire at will.
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A few days late, but I'm still feeling motivated as hell. HAPPY 'MURICA DAY!