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safe1658828 artist:chib-bee7 angel bunny9664 fluttershy207546 pegasus273379 pony922949 cute192567 daaaaaaaaaaaw3537 eyes closed88351 featured image846 female1321739 fluffy13765 hnnng2370 long mane3209 long tail2218 mare458391 nuzzling3857 one eye closed28759 photoshop3708 raised hoof43182 shyabetes13078 simple background377636 smiling235877 transparent background195394 weapons-grade cute3568 wink23674


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Background Pony #C1F3
Oh, so this image WAS uploaded here.

Google Image Search, you're absolutely freakin' useless.

All it takes is a really powerful cute image, or a really powerful explicit image to win the top day scoring. Now if only these two things were combined and were put into a realistic art style…
Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
@Background Pony Number 17
I have an idea for a story too. Freaky Friday occurs, and Fluttershy switches bodies with Angel. Turns out, Angel takes even better care of Fluttershy than Fluttershy does of Angel (though he sucks at caring for all her other animals, and so is spotted by the rest of the Mane 6). xD
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III

That sounds more along the lines of Diamond Tiara suffering from some kind of psycho-social disorder; DT not really understanding the intricacies of social interaction and then making assumptions of others' intentions based upon her flawed perception.

That doesn't sound very plausible, but under the right supervision I can imagine it being an absolutely amazing fic.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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fluffy sylveon
@Joseph Raszagal
Yeah, all good points.
I have a headcanon that Diamond Tiara's jerkassery is just because she thinks it's all a game, and she thinks everypony is just playing along by hating her, and she doesn't realize she's causing actual harm to ponies.
That's just me though.