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So TSP/Firebrand has a married with his waifu. On teh honeymoons, he is given a treat. (artist's note: I literally made him beg me to draw this. Ain't I a stinker?)

This is a raw scan, I haven't cleaned it up or scaled it down (it's 600dpi!). I was curious to see if anyone else wanted to try coloring it.
explicit321609 artist:wingbeatpony187 trixie63331 twilight sparkle285764 oc615207 oc:firebrand133 alicorn202125 pony867337 :p7483 absurd resolution63862 anus88333 balls68067 bed37316 blame wingbeat8 bondage30931 canon x oc22435 chair6140 cuckolding683 dock44885 eyes closed82565 eyes on the prize5035 female1270977 hat78169 heart43969 honeymoon73 lesbian91066 lineart19090 mare431562 monochrome143636 nudity337772 on back22660 open mouth127114 penis139498 ponut39328 precum9536 rope10474 sex109271 shipping185981 tongue out92988 top hat3857 tribadism1947 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117119 twixie4949 voyeurism2062 vulva114987 wedding veil303


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artist’s note: I literally made him beg me to draw this.
I hardly remember events happening in quite that way…

But nevermind that, awesome =p