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safe1706167 artist:okashi-na-artist5 derpy hooves50160 pegasus291707 pony967318 :<1044 :p8900 :t3785 blushing197601 chart879 comic109112 cute199763 derpabetes2664 doing loving things338 ear scratch225 embarrassed11385 eyes closed93517 female1362824 floppy ears52300 frown22891 heart48371 implied pinkie pie718 japanese8250 looking at you168599 mare480411 meme81897 nervous5690 oatmeal69 oatmeal are you crazy12 open mouth145793 petting1888 shy4137 smiling248385 spread wings54704 surprised9269 tongue out103919 underhoof52081 wide eyes17040


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She's blushing in every frame! It just gets more and more prominent: That last frame might as well have her whole BODY red!

Also, methinks the moment of making out with her would be right after that last frame… she's cute when she's nervous.
steve the hammerhead

So that's who pinkie was talking to when she said that line. But seriously OATMEAL! Everyone knows chocolate chip muffins are the source of all happiness, next to butts of course.