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The connection between "It's About Time" and "Twilight's Kingdom."
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Besides, we all should know that the reason Twilight couldn't warn herself about there being nothing to worry about is because it would make a paradox.

If Twilight A warned the previous Twilight A (Now called Twilight B) about there being nothing to worry about so she shouldn't go back in time, then she would never be worried enough to warn herself about what happens if she worries, thus creating a paradox in which time travel has created another universe for Twilight B, one that keeps repeating a loop; time starting and ending repeatedly over this entire play out from the time Twilight B is visited by Twilight A, and then Twilight B becomes Twilight A by visiting Twilight B, herself.

Basically, time travel is, in my opinion, impossible because you cannot change the past in order to prevent yourself from going back in time with the idea of changing the past.
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@Silent Wing
I think the implication here is that Twilight being right about the epic pony war was basically a coincidence, but she's gonna call it a victory anyway. I think. I wouldn't put money on it, could go either way.
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I recently read someone's headcanon about this being the whole trigger that let to the infinite loop of Twilight visiting herself in the past. It was something about Tirek escaping and actually being successful in concurring Equestria, leading future Twilight to warn her past self. And as we've seen in It's About Time present Twilight misinterprets the message which leads to her eventually learning a lesson. In the end, every lesson she learned played an important roll in her journey of becoming an alicorn princess. A lesson that the very first Twilight missed…

I know not everything makes completely sense in this headcanon, mostly because I'm not completely able to explain it the way this anon did :P