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semi-grimdark27882 artist:baitoubaozou36 artist:peichenphilip79 amethyst star2328 bon bon15439 lyra heartstrings28038 sparkler2178 sweetie drops15441 earth pony204949 pony854332 unicorn272845 semi-anthro10806 abuse6381 baseball bat976 bipedal30860 bon abuse23 bottomless12366 cellphone2923 chair6061 clothes413620 crying40151 dark comedy618 dialogue59490 domestic abuse52 fat20129 female1180844 frown21520 glare7976 hoof hold7404 implied lesbian3078 implied lyrabon104 implied shipping4433 lesbian90520 mare425790 open mouth124888 phone5282 plot71369 prone23595 raised hoof39302 simple background348036 sitting55697 smartphone1585 smiling217538 soda1426 speech bubble20484 stockholm syndrome37 television2160 thinking1718 thought bubble3026 throwing481 vulgar19402 wat18442 wavy mouth3268 white background86952 wifebeater30


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nobody's favorite
Of course, we all know better, right?

I mean, obviously, if there was abuse going on it'd be Bon Bon whi was beating Lyra.

@Background Pony #C2C9
Pretty much, they became synonymous with under achieving guys that live in trailer parks and run down homes. Which also became synonymous with the type of guy that takes out his frustrations on his wife and children.