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In the future, long past the time of the Elements of Harmony, past the time of the Main Six or Princesses or Kings or Queens, corruption reigns. Created by new developments in science, ponies began to rely less and less on magic and the ways of the past for the more comfortable and easier ways of the future. Electricity, micromachines, vaccines in syringes. Plagues became nothing, and curses were long forgotten and believed to be myth. Racial wars began springing up between the earth ponies and the unicorns, and a civil war tossed the land into havoc. With no princesses to guide them, The New Republic of Equestria was created. They promised peace and liberty across the land, funded by the mysterious Council, which was created by two unicorn brothers a very long time ago. Zebras flood into Equestria, filling the ghettos as their land is taken by the Sombronians, ponies worshipping the Dark God Sombra. Chaos still plagues the land despite civil war dying down, with war with another nation perching nearby.

One day a unicorn stallion came up with the idea of creating a harmonic being in order to bring peace across the land. Powerful but still young, able to ease the minds of civilians while they prepare against the Sombronians.

Harmony was created from the DNA and magic of the Elements of Harmony, the main six that fabled to encapsule and use these magical artifacts. Harmony was supposed to be created to be a perfect being, a goddess among ponies, but unlike the fabled Princess Celestia and Luna, Harmony is unable to weild celestial bodies of stars and suns. Harmony has the power to create light in ponies and extingush the dark, and is the perfect weapon against the Sombronians.

With dark ponies readying to fight, Harmony must prepare herself for something she was born for, but isn't ready for. She never asked to be born into this body, but is unable to chose. To run away is to let millions die and many to convert to the dark god, but to stay is to endanger herself.

She must choose.
safe1555490 artist:unoriginai747 oc593640 oc only404132 oc:princess harmony3 alicorn190967 pony826591 alicorn oc21491 alternate universe8794 bad future65 clone2230 corrupt!verse3 elements of harmony2327 goddamnit unoriginai55 magical lesbian spawn10429 multiple parents174 offspring33642 parent:applejack3192 parent:fluttershy3941 parent:pinkie pie3514 parent:rainbow dash4881 parent:rarity3461 parent:twilight sparkle7123 parents:omniship11 rainbow eyes75 rainbow power2646 simple background337809 solo959378 story included7553 white background84846


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9 comments posted
Background Pony #EEA2
The artist is trying to create a bad future universe and a savior with individual ponies. So I guess a future Twilight.
Background Pony #3DBD
That's what you get when you become too harmonious, you stop being individual ponies.