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Background Pony #6C98
What's the alternative, Luna?
To never know love, or joy, or pain beyond words?
To find, as you lie upon whatever form your deathbed takes, that you have nothing to reflect on as you close your eyes for the last time?
To have something to be happy you did, you need to actually do it. If not, what is the point of being alive?
It is worth it. Do not forget those you loved, and it will always be worth it.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Even if they are not immortal, they are still far, far older than any other pony. So while they might die eventually, if we accept the books as cannon, they will still outlive pretty much every other pony that is born. So pic is still relevant either way.
Background Pony #A9A9
@Background Pony #B905
That journal of the two sisters book did mention that alicorns just live longer and age much slower than the average pony, but personally I just pick and choose what's canon to me and what's not. Doesn't really matter.