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A Mile in My Horseshoes: Day 1 — Lifestyle

"Umm… yah sure y'all want to try applebuckin' right away? I mean, ah know we Apples make it look easy. But it's nowhere near that simple."

"If your little blank flank sister can do it, then I think I'll manage just fine."

"*sigh* It took two years of practice before Apple Bloom got it right. Ah'm telling you now, this is goin' to lead to nothin' but frustration."

"HMMPH!" Diamond readied her hind hooves in front of the sturdy apple tree. She kicked both legs back, making solid contact with it and… got nothing but a sharp stinging pain through her legs as she bit down on her lip in a feeble attempt to muffle the impending scream.


"So Dahmond attends High Society events with her Dad when school's out? And she actually conducts herself pleasantly?" Diamond's butler only nodded in response to their guest's questions.

"As the heir apparent to her father's business, Lady Diamond has made a point to maintain a good impression around the elites of the business world. For a young filly, she has a remarkable grasp on how corporate Equestria functions, even if her attitude around you suggests otherwise."

"Now then, Miss Bloom, before your stay with us continues, I felt it necessary to pose this question to you. Have you had any prior training in formal dining etiquette?" He asked.

Apple Bloom's mind froze for a few seconds, hoping desperately to recall something that would allow her to get out of the impending day-long lesson on fine dining that was likely to come from saying no. She could remember Applejack showing many similarly sized utensils to Big Macintosh. But she wasn't even a year old at that point, and thus had no memory of what her big sister was saying.

"Ah'm afraid not sir." The filly said disappointingly.

"I see. Very well then. Please follow me to the Dining Hall. At the very least, I'll try to make sure you learn something useful during your time here."
safe1728024 artist:niggerfaggot482 apple bloom50263 applejack171576 diamond tiara10317 randolph100 a mile in my horseshoes4 accessory swap1714 alternate hairstyle28628 applebucking534 bandana5418 basket3141 braid5987 bushel basket146 confused4817 d:455 dining8 frown23268 glass4742 grape juice55 grin39676 hat88417 jewelry65783 lip bite11810 necklace19402 open mouth150048 ouch1034 paint1939 paint on fur430 pencil3709 raised hoof47527 raised leg7917 role reversal1400 salad372 sitting64446 smiling254517 story included9260 wide eyes17222 wine glass1503


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(to Diamond Tiara): So you think your daily business is better than Apple Bloom's, do ya? Well here. See how you like it, ya big tomato head!
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That's him, officer
Ah yes, the old fashioned 'Walk a mile in my shoes' scenario, only it isn't played out as a premise of jealousy in Simple Ways :U

(Not that I'm dissing the episode, of course, I love it; especially Spike's snarky face XD)

@Background Pony #AFA5

Marvelous XD
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MMC extended?

AB: "It's what my cutie mark is telling me!"
DT: "It's what… wait.."