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le ebin Celmark conspiracies.


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Isn't there a thread on 4chan for this crap? I honestly don't get why people want to post their weird headcanons on here? They almost never make a lick of sense!

Damn….and I wanted to believe that discrimination was somewhat buried…looks like all it did was just become more subtle and modernized… ..As much progress has happened, there is still much more to be done.
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@The Neutrino
Guess that's one loophole to employ whilst concerned citizens set Celly's record straight. I recommend a cake & banana embargo for starters.
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Moreover, if you're gonna formulate manure-laden policies to discourage pony/dragon relationships, why in Tartarus would one arrange to hatch & raise 'em among Equestrians in the first place? And if the answer's 'cheap labor,' I'm going for the paddle.