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safe (1525144) artist:agnesgarbowska (823) edit (110849) idw (13986) rainbow dash (214019) trixie (59840) diamond dog (3161) pegasus (222414) pony (800125) unicorn (244270) friends forever (349) spoiler:comic (9943) spoiler:comicff6 (31) cape (8566) clothes (388762) collage (1157) comic (97466) crown (12710) duo (45272) female (849995) jewelry (46268) mare (389072) queen trixiana the first (17) regalia (14789) speech bubble (19193) trixie's cape (3176)


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Darth Sonic
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

@Background Pony #D7F2
Honestly, that seems to be due to a lack of good communication between the writer and artist. It's not the only example. Trixie says her Crown is far too tight, yet to look at the art, it looks ready to fall off with a gentle nod of her head.
Background Pony #8763

>Jim the consular: "We’re all not like the curs that you met before. Those dogs are more rough then we are. We kicked them out of our pack a long time ago."

He was lying on that point, though. You can see the "curs" in some of the panels. Apparently FiW was right about Rainbow's eyesight.
Background Pony #C73D
Eh, this trixdash "supporting" comic will die out as fast as the comic where Chrysalis called AJ and Rarity an "odd pairing".

Not really. In fact it seems like a clever plot that keeps the intelligence of Diamond Dogs canon, while at the same time placing SOME credit to their species (if just a little).

There are apparently a large number of diamond dogs that aren't miners and raiders. Some want to have some level of civilization. However they know from past experience that their intelligence is not very high, only a few can figure out clever things.

Whenever they see someone who could lead them, and they accept the crown, as long as they do a good job as queen, and foremost help them find diamonds, they have someone who can progress their society. If they can't, the enchanted crown will allow them to leave only when most of them lose faith (if they don't lynch the royal for going too far before they can leave). If they can, the queen can pretty much do whatever they want and the diamond dogs will be as amiable and peaceful as possible if asked. And guess what?

Jim the consular: "We're all not like the curs that you met before. Those dogs are more rough then we are. We kicked them out of our pack a long time ago.

Besides our new queen wouldn't HEAR of such behavior.

Please, stay for a bit. Come meet our queen, and see if she can change your mind, then leave freely."

For the short time Trixie was queen, she demanded all hostile actions of diamond dogs to others to be prohibited! Jim the consular just admitted that even their Diamond dogs were indeed a rough species, but Trixie straightened then up.

No kidnapping like the bandits, and no dotted-line press-gangs like they used on her, nothing.

To sum up, this comic gives a lot of credit to how Trixie and Rainbow Dash still have some of their old flaws and vices, which they can both recognize in each other, but they have grown past that in terms of maturity and emotional growth.
Background Pony #8763

The crown only works as long as the Dogs want Trixie as queen. So at Rainbow's performance, Trixie makes a series of inflammatory royal proclamations until the crown loosens and starts to slip down her head; at which point Rainbow swoops in and carries her off before the dogs can lynch her. As she grabs her, the crown spontaneously phases out of existence, and the trap door that they previously built into the stage box for some reason spontaneously opens to swallow up the Dogs' diamonds.