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will return
The way I see it, Discord would become pregnant after giving those flowers to Celestia. Then Spike would burp little Chaotic out in lieu of one of Celestia's letters.

Either that or the stork would bring him. A lilac stork with blue, pink, and purple hair and a rotten disposition. Celestia would be pissed at Discord for a little bit, but she'd get over it.

Either that or Discord would go back in time to when he was a baby and kidnap himself, then go back to when Celly was a baby (Or whichever came first) and kidnap her. He'd fuse them into Chaotic and take the kid forward in time to before he went back in time and give it to himself so he wouldn't have to go back in time now and thus preserving the timeline so there would still be a Celestia and Discord in the present day, except now they had a child.

My brain hurts.
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It deeply saddens me that this won't become cannon ever, not even Discoshy or Celestibra (Celestia x Sombra, there's a tag) which are far more coherent at this point of the show.

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I used to feel that way about Sparity, since Rarity's one of my favorite characters and it bothered me that it made her come off like a pedo half the time (no offense meant to Sparity fans, I mostly mean this in regards to art/fics that took it beyond an innocent onesided thing, and older/future Spike/Rarity is at least okayish). I eventually had the epiphany that I might not like it personally but it wasn't hurting anything, and even if it was everywhere back then I could easily ignore it because it's not like it changed canon. Some people just enjoy certain ships for whatever reason, and fanon doesn't have anything to do with why you like Celestia in canon, so don't worry about it.
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I am not a Celestia fan, but the Disletia pairing is "meh" to me. Personally if I have to pairing Celestia and Discord dark comedy has to be involved.
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And yet you support her going on booty calls that will bring about the destruction of the universe? You also have a serious misconception about chaos, at least the kind Discord represents.
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Bartomeu dimitit
I don't care about shipping, I just see a cute pic and I can't understand how anybody can cause TWO mods to intervene with the real problems that pack the real world.

Yes, I'm being a bit demagogue.
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>gets day ruined by a harmless picture
…nope, I can't think of something clever. I could be an asshole and post another dislestia pic right here, but that would just be plain out duckery.