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explicit392702 artist:zwitterkitsune712 princess celestia101405 shining armor25005 alicorn256508 pony1223821 unicorn401258 anthro295437 armpits44501 balls88531 big breasts97411 blushing224069 breasts318808 bukkake3123 busty princess celestia11479 commission86914 creampie35615 crown22216 cum88281 cum drinking385 cum in container483 cum in glass97 cumming25965 facial9061 female1515861 female focus7563 gangbang2667 grin47888 group sex17481 guardlestia241 hair over one eye10487 happy gangbang86 horsecock80208 infidelity7752 jewelry81561 ketchup vein1486 male427692 mare565905 masturbation20598 medial ring7998 mug5039 multicolored mane2622 multicolored tail1918 nipples194855 nudity423328 open mouth178936 penis175209 precum12338 public use2150 regalia26063 reverse cowgirl4427 royal guard8812 sex138746 sexy34709 shininglestia129 shipping219950 silhouette2830 slut1458 slutty celestia67 smiling302229 solo focus19774 stallion134829 straight151367 stupid sexy celestia1793 swallowing2115 tongue out119740 vaginal45661 vaginal secretions44065 vein6944 vein bulge3740 veiny cock5366 vulva147872 wings152758


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Background Pony #8E3F
“How the hell can she keep her royal position for over 1000 years?”
here is your anwser…
Background Pony #A17A
@Background Pony #214E  
And then the other guards just start egging him on, and he’s all like “ohhhhhhhhh shit, what am I gonna fucking do, I gotta be home in an hour to cook dinner for my wife”
Background Pony #A17A
He’s just like, calming some nervous dude who’s not really down with it, and he’s saying “Oh, dude, it’s cool, she won’t send you to the moon! Well, maybe the moon in the sky…” and this makes the guy even more nervous–
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A waste of biomatter
Quick question for Shining Armor: Does releasing your genetic reproductive fluids on another women(who is also your boss)count as infidelity?