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And now she’s a cat. I think.
safe1972210 artist:skecchiart264 princess celestia105116 twilight sparkle333010 alicorn274594 pony1324223 unicorn446767 :o5274 blank flank8961 catlestia50 crown24975 cute236392 cutelestia3990 duo117815 eyes closed120827 face doodle73 featured image1066 female1603955 filly84862 filly twilight sparkle3099 folded wings12933 funny4848 funny as hell565 glowing horn25494 hoof shoes7547 horn117373 jewelry91330 levitation14278 magic86515 magic aura6804 majestic as fuck1447 mare618763 marker465 momlestia1080 prone30830 regalia29839 signature35054 silly8241 silly pony3289 sitting78696 sleeping26750 smiling331455 sweet dreams fuel1885 telekinesis34260 this will end in laughs61 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon285 twiabetes13857 unicorn twilight26280 wings175240 younger20262


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Added two tags that I think are relevant, one of them relating Princess Celestia’s totally regal posture while taking her royal nap. :p
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@Background Pony #5420
I believe artwork is timeless, sometimes is good to remember again old forgotten images that didn’t get a lot of attention during the time it was originally posted. Besides, it’s cute and is also a good opportunity to check the artist’s work, which keeps creating MLP drawings~
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Attention artists, make stuff with Dreams Ps4 by Media Molecule please. This fandom needs more game content/)
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Twilight giggled internally ‘this will teach her for falling asleep during my magical lessons, day time is for STUDY, not silly things like playing or sleep’ she snickered as she put the finishing touches on her “art project”