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safe1705126 artist:esuka164 apple bloom49464 applejack169774 big macintosh28245 bulk biceps3435 cheese sandwich3966 coco pommel5947 daring do6415 derpy hooves50143 discord30954 fluttershy212516 granny smith5346 lord tirek5294 mane-iac1630 maud pie12460 orthros171 pinkie pie216097 princess cadance32441 princess luna99083 radiance811 rainbow dash233792 rarity181722 scootaloo51236 seabreeze499 spike78734 sweetie belle49013 that friggen eagle74 twilight sparkle300182 alicorn224219 bald eagle160 bat1736 bird8247 breezie2146 draconequus11673 dragon56210 eagle314 fruit bat319 pony966370 vampire fruit bat178 bats!1725 castle mane-ia888 daring don't1046 equestria games (episode)785 filli vanilli1214 flight to the finish842 for whom the sweetie belle toils862 inspiration manifestation882 it ain't easy being breezies891 leap of faith730 maud pie (episode)1286 pinkie apple pie1028 pinkie pride1522 power ponies (episode)1847 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2676 rainbow falls1636 rarity takes manehattan1448 season 42456 simple ways1299 somepony to watch over me865 testing testing 1-2-31380 three's a crowd1311 trade ya921 twilight time911 twilight's kingdom3117 cutie mark crusaders19022 equestria games436 female1361862 flutterbat6839 mane six31885 mare479922 multiple heads1652 nirvana68 party cannon1758 power ponies2732 season comic5 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123614 two heads693


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Background Pony #B08E
I like this, especially that it's easy to read. Sometimes artists make a piece that is compositionally sound, but typographically I nightmare, and it's frustrating.
Master Fox

… Ok, I just have to point it out. The scene with spike and the ice crystals. all those ice shards look kinda like books and so I first thought it was him blowing up the library some how.
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@Background Pony #25E3
There's actually a good reason justifying why this one doesn't look as impressive. This is basically a collage showcasing and tying together Esuka's episode-themed drawings throughout this season.

In contrast, your example was done altogether, which is why it has a stronger unifying composition.

The pieces put here are high-quality and well thought-out, regardless.
Background Pony #AF44
We've had a few of these kinds of images so far, and this is probably the least impressive I've seen.

This one is still the best: >>6575