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safe2174519 artist:nadnerbd180 princess celestia112704 twilight sparkle357773 alicorn314163 pony1602687 unicorn538009 g42028999 cute265781 cutelestia4277 ears back4229 female1802897 height difference2518 high res407855 hug37601 lesbian117663 long mane7284 long tail5516 mare741191 momlestia1124 partially open wings2222 sad31361 ship:twilestia2806 shipping254181 simple background596443 slender6679 snuggling7418 spooning746 tail100756 thin9857 transparent background284481 twiabetes15287 wings223056


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Why is this labeled as lesbian thus suggesting shipping?
Doesn’t look like it is specifically shipping to me,

She had a nighmare that Luna turned evil again, said sister happened to be taking a break from dream walking for a midnight snack at the time and Celestia got really scared.