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@Background Pony #9376
You have a point…
I will admit, doxing/trolling her wasn't right, (especially, sense it allowed P.P., and her supporters to pull the sympathy card) but as you said, neither was the underhanded things the DWM crowd did… (Whoever it was who tried to get VikingLumberjack's husband deported was sued, and got what they deserved at least…)

Most of the trolling P.P. got, could've been avoided if she (and her "fans") didn't always demonize bronies (dispite basically being a female one) on her Tumblr, (which she did even before getting a bad reputation in the brony/MLP fanbase) or start all the DWM drama she did. Heck, her ex-boyfriend claims she used to do things like impersonate Lauren Faust & Sethisto, (I've seen her bad-mouth Seth for no real reason) so she's probably just as much of a troll as her "haters" are.
Even some of her own supporters got upset when she was acting jealous of the Michael Marones situation.

Still, P.P. hasn't tried to bash bronies, or start drama in awhile.
So let's just continue to pretend she doesn't exist for now.

@Background Pony #9376
That is probably the best "take that" speech I've seen in awhile.
I'm NOT a fan of rape-jokes either, but DMW was just bull, and just an attention-mongering lynch mob that calls anyone who doesn't care about their crusade to "purify" the MLP-fandom a "rape-supporter."
All this witch-hunting of bronies on Tumblr over it is ridiculous, and all it is doing is RUINING the feminist movement's reputation with this all this fake-feminism.

What are they trying to promote? Don't all sane people consider "rape" a universally bad thing already? Do they NOT understand that?

@Background Pony #E4AC
I have never even known any bronies who wear those hats, so I don't get where that stereotype comes from.
Still, it's always ironic all this "nerd-shaming" online, when it's coming from other people just as "nerdy."
Background Pony #9133
I'd just like to add, I listed the crimes commited and supported by DWM.

Compared to this what is the worst 4chan, Ed and all the bronies oppposed to her did? Call her out and post her information online? That's not even as bad as trying to deport someone never mind all the other evil shit she does so casually and with no remorse.

The top 1000 worst bronies in this community have committed less evil than Pinkiepony by herself, PP supposedly representing the moral right of tumblr. What does that say about you if you would stand under her banner and judge US?

Forget Neckbeard stereotypes, what kind of socially defective monster would you have to be to stand by all that?
Background Pony #9133
Take your bitch trying to deport people, stealing from charity, drawing child porn, founding a movement just to get back at a guy who slept with her, lying, faking suicide, drawing attention from an 11 year old who needed it and still considering herself a moral person and a feminist and shove it.

I'd rather be a fat fedora wearing neckbeard than a supporter of the evil psychotic bitch. No guy will ever want to sleep with her after all the shit she's done.
Background Pony #B728
@Background Pony #7041
It's been 3 weeks since this went cold, why are you trying to start it back up if you don't have the energy?

What 'calling out' are you doing? Move on, let it go, you've lost this one long ago.
Background Pony #D180
I no longer have the energy to call out on you people. I just do not. I'm sorry. Enjoy your…whatever you like.
Background Pony #7DAF
@Background Pony #E4AC
I've got a fedora, but that's based on wanting one since mid-2009, well before I heard about the show and the brony phenomenon, and literally years before I heard about the association between random disliked groups and a certain style of hat.
Background Pony #ADCA
@Background Pony #D733
It's ironic because I've seen more tumblr hipsters wear fedoras than bronies. Feminists despise fedoras but never seen to care if their own kind is wearing them. Hypocrisy at its finest.
Background Pony #0A3A
what is it with these feminists' obsession with fedoras? what have those poor stylish hats ever done to them.

oh i get it. feminists have no sense of fashion, so they be jelly of those who got it. :)
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@Background Pony #7041
I could show a depiction of an unshaven woman in an ill-fitting dress that's too small for her with stink lines around her. Point?

And if you have ever laughed at a "drop the soap" joke, then guess what? Guess what those jokes are really about?