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safe1749850 artist:jessy714 lyra heartstrings30093 sweetie belle49719 oc711582 oc:emerald may48 oc:lynn68 oc:palette swap317 oc:rainbow rush8 oc:tafkal11 earth pony265699 pegasus308923 pony1009951 unicorn342046 zebra18356 :o3889 annoyed5598 bedroom eyes61340 eye contact6604 flying39397 glasses64534 grin40882 irrational exuberance624 jananimations54 looking at you175558 looking up17127 magic75357 raised hoof48406 sitting65551 smiling260716 spread wings57024 telekinesis28702 walking4936 wink25646


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Background Pony #F24D
um if this is supposed to be something for Jan then where is buttons? i know Jan didn't create him, but the made him who he is today