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Welp, there goes the difference. (Or does it?)
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@Agent Tasmania
dude got toppest non-k S1150 i7 and meh GPU. unless he actually need this CPU for video editing(which also works rather good with CUDA) or something like that the top i5+better GPU would make loads more sense.
Agent Tasmania

My 840 sure seems to run everything just fine.
Not everyone has a fortune to pour into a desktop the size of Colorado.
Or any inclination to care about the tiny-to-imperceptible differences between mid and high end results.

that's a terrible choice for your build. i can understand 750/Ti in a tight budget build.
gaming on nVidia starts at GTX*60. On AMD it's *870/R9 270/X
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I still use an 512MB Radeon X1650. I'm perfectly enough with older games(from the 2000's), and if I want to play with newer games, I just play them on my XBOX 360 E(newest model).
Agent Tasmania

There is a broad correlation between graphical tech and tech for gameplay.
Thus why all 8-bit games where boring, simplistic and obtuse. This extended through the 16-bit into the full-3D era.
By today, we recognise plainly unfair design as poor, since it's no longer needed to pad play time.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
A part of me wishes that I could switch graphics card and rewatch different pony episodes rendered differently. Like use a Intel card and see the season 4 finale rendered as pointy ponies.
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If you think intel is good for gaming, don't ever call yourself a pc gamer.