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With apologies to Lionheartcartoon.


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The Moon Rabbit is a fixture common to the mythology of the East Asian cultures. It’s not just the Japanese, but the Koreans, and Chinese, from whom the previous two got it from.
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Young Leosword
Let’s see, 15… 15 days contains three of the same day-of-the-week… Egh, I need to look up Japanese number superstitions… Also, Itadaki Street doesn’t help. XD
OOH! Juu-go. Five has adopted the alternate meaning of move over there somehow… Juu reminds me of jewel, but I’ll have to get back to y’all on that. :T

Actually I’ve known about the Indian Legend of the Moon Rabbit. Haden’t clicked in my mind on it until I’ve actually thought about this image. * shrugpony *
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I’ve always thought Luna’s cape that turns into a swarm of bats was her pet. They also have a single form of a giant bat with massive sharp fangs that strike fear and terror into all who look upon it.
His name is Fluffy the Abhorrent One.
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The Anti-Normies
i swear there is a vid WITH THE SONG (but the animation is still incomplete) someone have the link?