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dead source21591 safe1656710 artist:probablyfakeblonde446 discord30020 twilight sparkle293925 draconequus10520 pony921030 unicorn303080 annoyed5320 art inside art5 chocolate milk708 discord being discord284 easel350 elements of harmony2419 featured image845 female1319924 floating3804 floppy ears49763 frown22237 glare8159 grin36230 gritted teeth11506 male356593 mare457435 paint1849 paintbrush1579 painting3456 palette176 raised eyebrow6437 shears42 smiling234632 tail hold335 twilight is not amused1404 unamused15402 unicorn twilight15945 wine glass1389


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Background Pony #775E
Reminds me of that episode of ReBoot where Hex gets access to the paint tools.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

That's kind of unwieldy.

However, and it isn't obvious from the picture, he started with a complete portrait and has been taking the image off, stroke by stroke.