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safe1917229 artist:uotapo1036 princess celestia103124 princess luna107226 rarity199187 spike85780 twilight sparkle326705 alicorn264064 dragon68243 pony1264953 unicorn419253 equestria girls228073 equestria girls (movie)8173 comic120836 crown23286 eyeroll646 female1552912 heart eyes21607 lampshade hanging65 mare587180 sarcasm330 sparkles6092 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135673 we don't normally wear clothes990 wingding eyes28705


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Background Pony #AA4C
Don’t laugh. Their crowns don’t get stolen by other ponies in the middle of the night.
Background Pony #BCAA
luna: “sister, perhaps we should have picked the white one to ascend.”
Background Pony #FBC9
You only think they can take them off; they’re actually a boney extension growing out of their skulls, a further evolution of alicorn princess. Twilight and Cadence are just wearing prosthetics - they’re not that kind of princess.