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safe1724700 apple bloom50154 applejack171324 braeburn6343 bulk biceps3462 chief thunderhooves281 dj pon-329444 fancypants1947 fleur-de-lis3704 king sombra14046 little strongheart822 lord tirek5358 ms. harshwhinny2388 neon lights900 octavia melody23960 pinkie pie217966 pipsqueak2861 princess luna99814 rarity183405 rising star897 sapphire shores1006 scootaloo51550 sheriff silverstar252 soarin'14090 spike79419 star swirl the bearded2034 sweetie belle49347 trenderhoof867 twilight sparkle302812 vinyl scratch29445 alicorn228027 bat pony50751 buffalo942 centaur3474 dragon57358 pony985036 applejewel664 blind bag1448 female1379275 ideas16 mare489843 night guard1846 s1 luna7322 toy22200 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124786


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Background Pony #CDDC
The show staff should have given Sombra full plate armor. It just makes him look even more badass.