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A group photo of the CMC, striking a fighting pose in RWBY gear.

Artwork by Dane Celestia.
safe1709293 artist:danecelestia20 apple bloom49643 scootaloo51311 sweetie belle49089 human154900 action pose1184 belly button78100 bow28738 clothes460627 crossover62344 cutie mark crusaders19050 feather5920 feet40001 gun15979 humanized100168 panties50304 pistol2094 rocket launcher488 rwby348 scarf23293 skirt39849 sword11694 underwear60931 weapon30554


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Background Pony #3646
Glynda: We sent you on a simple search and destroy mission. So why is it that you come back covered in tree sap?
Background Pony #51C0
I could see them being a team that would complete their missions with additional hijinks ensuing between start and finish… and having a good time all the while.
Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
The artist needs to make a humanized Babs, if not for the sake of having the Crusaders be a complete 4-person team.