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safe1555246 screencap195170 fleetfoot1892 sapphire shores977 soarin'13263 spike74204 spitfire12691 twilight sparkle279763 alicorn190876 pony826442 equestria games (episode)711 30 rock28 boo114 comic99983 equestria games432 fangs21555 female879354 frown21349 glare7983 gritted teeth10127 hub logo9205 image macro35236 mare404162 meme77898 national anthem5 nervous4918 new crown278 on back22015 open mouth120311 parody15079 singing5735 spotlight1189 stadium245 tired2823 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113693 wide eyes16023


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6 comments posted

Exactly what I was thinking, God I cringed and laughed so hard when Spike utterly massacred that anthem. Then I laughed even harder when Pinkie yelled "NAILED IT!"

Oh Spike, you're so endearing when you inadvertently destroy a culture's musical legacy in front of hundreds of thousands of ponies.