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safe1658806 artist:santi-dleon29 trixie65765 twilight sparkle294178 alicorn215241 pony922927 ursa minor592 bowtie9572 chase819 colored pencil drawing1484 featured image846 female1321724 grin36336 mare458384 open mouth137348 poster5136 running5723 scared10088 smiling235874 spread wings52040 traditional art114829 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121082 wide eyes16647


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Hi everyone, Santi here…
I didn't know this image was here. Well, I'm glad you like it.
If you want, check out my work on Deviantart or Tumblr. I'm open to comments, critiques, suggestions, answers, etc, etc.
See ya :3
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Too bad Twilight Sparkle gets killed at page 3 of this 600 page novel after Trixie kills 9,001 mummies with a single horn beam ricochet.
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@The Singing Duckie
Yep. From the source:
ink with pen and indian ink, and colored with pencils.
so that is definitely traditional art. Oh, and at least at the time of writing this comment, the source has literally 32 views and only three faves.

I think it's a fairly new artist (at least to pony), but if his (pony) pics so far are anything to go by, he definitely has talent.
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For once I have no complaints about a featured image.

This is really good for being hand-drawn.

(…It is hand drawn, correct? It looks like it is to me, but I usually can't tell.)