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I inked and colored S1K’s sketch of a request something to the effects of “Princess Twilight being shy and covering her face with her wings”
safe1753969 artist:mcponyponypony253 artist:silver1kunai241 twilight sparkle306557 alicorn233430 pony1013625 adorkable3588 blushing205128 collaboration5480 colored19878 covering4042 cute206089 daaaaaaaaaaaw4700 dork3867 embarrassed11765 female1404809 mare503622 shy4340 sitting65714 smiling262138 solo1096562 twiabetes12292 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126334 wing hands2147 wings123716


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Yeah sure! I was happy to. Someone else asked me to ink/color one of your other sketches you posted, I think it was an Apple Bloom one. I’ll post that here with creds of course too if I do it
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I didn’t even know you did this. It’s a good thing I check in every now and then. Looks good. Thanks for taking time on doing it. Hope you do it again on another sketch I do in the future.
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It’s amusing to see people still don’t know the proper use of the term mary sue