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safe1752080 artist:anonymous1581 applejack173410 derpy hooves50797 food pony1291 original species26603 pegasus309709 pony1011942 apple16776 barrel1658 candy gore490 cut757 cutting163 female1403252 fruit gore27 gore4555 grimderp276 half252 knife5496 literal407 looking down9306 mare502886 modular1182 oops my bad61 pun7684 scrunchy face7259 surreal982 visual pun1751 wat19476 we're apples to the core3


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With the saying applejack was an apple to the core when derpy hooves was likely armed with a machete when the apples on the barrel was sliced in half when applejack was sliced in half.
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Background Pony #CB9D
does this mean that if we stick applejack in the soil, we’ll get another applejack?
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If you ignore the background and midground, it appears as though AJ’s nose is pressed up against the invisible forcefield that sliced her in half.