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explicit321866 artist:sion523 applejack161153 fluttershy201238 orthros143 rainbow dash222286 dog8650 pony868080 anal25060 anal creampie7692 barn2794 bestiality1990 creampie27428 cum73157 double penetration4068 female1271774 interspecies21001 male338065 multidick874 multiple heads1542 multiple penetration3545 nudity338059 orthrosdash5 outdoor sex1480 outdoors8253 penetration51208 penis139609 sex109372 straight126125 two heads632 underhoof47267 vaginal35416


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@Background Pony #2ADD
protip: few people who like this would actually condone it irl.

but since none of these characters are real, it's perfectly acceptable to enjoy it as much as you want~

why am I even responding to such an obvious troll anyway…
Background Pony #D524
To those who share the belief in which molestation is an acceptable punishment for committing simple mistakes, then may such a crippling event be forced upon yourselves, and that you look not to a single soul for redemption. Fucking pricks.
Crunch Nugget
Artist -

I can’t help but imagine Fluttershy sweet-talking the orthros the entire time.

"Who’s a good boy? You are, yes, such a good doggy! This is more fun than you’ve had in ages, isn’t it? Oh, already? Giggle~ Aw, you really wanted to cum inside Rainbow Dash, didn’t you? Keep humping her until she’s done and you’ll get a nice tasty treat! Attaboy! Such a cutie! And make sure to save enough energy to have fun with me next! What a good boy!"

There's no one else quite like Fluttershy to turn porn adorable.