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In before "waah she's not an amputee waah."
safe1654064 artist:nekubi779 jinx143 horse3120 amputee4521 bedroom eyes57020 braid5142 dock47341 female1317716 grayscale36897 katawa jinx87 looking at you159296 looking back54172 monochrome146669 plot75691 prone24663 realistic1928 simple background375910 smiling233913 solo1030244 strategically covered2836 tail censor235


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Agent Tasmania

@Background Pony #67B1
They key reason horses are usually put down for broken legs IRL is because we (as yet) can't cast them effectively and horses don't handle walking three legs very well. Shorter ponies, with a lower centre of gravity and less weight on proportionally shorter legs handle it better. We're on the verge of 3D-printed super-strong casts that can handle them.
Equestria, being populated primarily by ponies, would have a much higher impetus to solve this problem sooner.
Background Pony #DBF0
And this is why you don't use the Flim Flam Brothers Super Combine Harvester Reap-O-Tron 6000.

Jinx later tried to sue the brothers, but the Judge found she didn't have a leg to stand on.
Background Pony #129B
If they were just broken, she wouldn't need a miracle tonic. Unless you take the "they're horses" thing realistically in which case they're good as glue.
Background Pony #129B
Because having completely non-functional legs is a huge difference u guys.