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safe1751173 artist:kolshica558 princess cadance33160 twilight sparkle306237 alicorn232977 pony1011196 inspiration manifestation887 annoyed5602 bed42365 bed mane712 blushing204761 comfort eating184 duo64798 eating9959 female1402452 ice cream5199 ice cream tub2 magic75413 mare502471 messy mane7927 messy tail263 scene parody892 scowl556 sisters-in-law971 spoon1410 telekinesis28746 twilight is not amused1520 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126216 unamused16762 wavy mouth3867


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Background Pony #5B3A
And yet again these two could only hang out when something eventful is going on. At least Cadance doesn't seem to care about it